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How to Prep & Care For Your Spray Tan

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24 Hours Prior to Your Appointment

  • Exfoliate using an exfoliating mitt or sugar/salt scrub (DO NOT use a loofa or Dove soap)

  • Shave/wax as your normally would

  • Keep skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and moisturizing regularly

  • Arrive with clean, bare skin

  • Bring loose, dark clothes and flip flops. You may dress down to your comfort level. Disposable underwear is available upon request.

Immediately After Your Appointment

  • Avoid putting on any tight clothing including bras, underwear, and socks

  • Avoid any and all moisture. This includes sweating, steam/humidity, washing hands/doing dishes, rain, etc.

  • Your first shower will typically be in 3-6 hours depending on how dark you'd like to be. Please follow the rinse time recommended at your appointment and DO NOT leave your solution on for more than 8 hours. Use warm (not hot) water and gently use your hands to guide off the bronzer until the water running doing the drain is clear. Pat dry, do not rub.

  • It is best to leave your skin alone for the next 12-24 hours while your tan fully develops. You might not have much of a tan when you first rinse... TRUST THE PROCESS.

24 Hours After Your Appointment

  • Take your first real shower! Wash your body with your hands only using a clear shower gel.

  • Avoid long, hot showers and remember to pat dry.

  • Moisturize using a tan safe lotion immediately after showering and anytime your skin feels dry, usually 2-3 times a day.

  • If you must shave, use a new razor and shave lightly using clear body wash instead of shave cream.


  • Avoid soaking in water for long periods of time. If you do plan on being in the water, apply an oil free SPF lotion at least 15 minutes prior to water exposure to help protect the tan from fading.

  • Use a touch up spray, tan extender, or self tanner to extend the life of your tan. I recommend adding the touch up spray to your regular face or body moisturizer and applying as your normally would. You can also use a makeup brush to apply the touch up spray. Tan extenders work best starting on day 4 or 5. Use everyday or every other day alternating with your regular lotion. It's also great to use after shaving your legs.

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